Nathan Fillion Is an Oddly Posed Geek God


?Because Entertainment Weekly said so, that’s why. Actually, I have no problem with the title; in fact, I’m posting the new, Fillion-adorned EW cover for two reasons:

1) I’m running a “Hot Chicks of Buck Rogers” list next week, and I wanted to run some sort of ogle-worthy pic for ladies and gay men. You know I prefer equal opportunity ogling. I understand it’s the two aren’t equivalent, but it’s what I got for the moment., Feel free to email me some additional suggestions.

2) What the fuck is Nathan Fillion doing on the cover? I don’t mean why is he there — I mean, what is he physically doing? Dancing? Jazz hands? Miming that he’s about to step in dog shit? Ladies and gentlemen, I need your potential explanations in the comments, please, as well as any suggested things Fillion might be saying. It’s the only way I’m going to get through this.