Nerd Musical Trifecta That Somehow Does Not Include Turn Off the Dark


?? There is currently a musical based on the Re-Animator movie going on in Hollywood, CA. I’m a bit late to the game on it, but it premiered on March 5th, and you have until March 27th to go see it. Not only does is star George Wendt of Cheers fame, but it includes a song from the doctor who gets behead after he’s been beheaded (as in the above picture). That’s bloody marvelous. There’s a review of the musical here, and more info on where’s it’s playing and how to get tickets here. Thanks to Chris H. for the tip.

? New girl nerd blog The Mary Sue has a review of The Spidey Project musical (hey, I didn’t say the article was Spider-Man free, just Turn Off the Dark free). The good news it that it was pretty awesome; the bad news is that for legal reasons, they could only do one show. Also, there was a song about Chipotle. Frankly, I find that far less inappropriate than a spider-goddess singing about going shoe-shopping.

? Here’s a clip from the 1996 high school-made Star Wars musical; it’s old, but if you haven’t seen it before, you absolutely need to. On one hand, thanks to songs cribbed from Les Miserables and Grease, it couldn’t be any nerdier if everyone was dressed in taped-up glasses and pocket protectors. But on the other hand, Han shoots first… as part of one of the songs. I haven’t seen the rest of the musical, but if it includes Dengar singing “I Dreamed a Dream,” I’m willing to appoint it as the second-best thing ever, after the Arkham City trailer. Thanks to JT for the tip.