Shia the Beef Wants to Play Arseface in the Preacher Movie — No, Really


?Seriously. Unless director DJ Caruso (sigh) is a goddamned liar, he very specifically told the French move website Cloneweb that The Beef called him to say he wanted to play Arseface in the Preacher movie.

Now, I actually like The Beef more than most of you. I don’t blame him for Transformers (better actors than him have turned in worse performances in other Michael Bay movies) and I don’t blame him for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (yes, everything his character did was awful, but that was all the script, not his performance). The fact that he wants to play one of the ugliest, most ridiculous characters in comics — purely for love of the series, because there is zero chance of it furthering his career in any way — is pretty awesome. And god help me, I kind of think he’d do a good job. At the very least, it would be very difficult for him to pull off his “No no no no no” shtick with mouth 85% sealed shut. Although it should be noted I’m still 100% confident the Preacher movie will be terrible overall.

Please note I was going to post a pic of The Beef and Arseface side by side, but then I found the pic of The Beef photoshopped in a cow costume, and had to run that, obviously. I mean, he’s The Beef. Anyways, thanks to Greg B. for the tip. (Via /Film)