So Amy Adams Is Lois Lane, Huh


?While his Sucker Punch movie spent the weekend getting donkey-punched by the critics, Zack Snyder named his Lois Lane: acclaimed actress Amy Adams will play Lois in Snyder’s Man of Steel. My first thought: Amy Adams is a genuinely talented actress, who could probably play a solid version of Lois in her sleep. She’s definitely several steps above Kate Bosworth, to be sure. Second thought: Will she dye her hair? I honestly don’t know, and honestly, I’m not sure how much I care. But I may be a bigger fan of Amy Adams than Lois Lane, so that’s probably “coloring” my feelings. Get it? Ha ha! Ugh.

And to anyone who’s worried about Snyder directing Man of Steel, especially after how much Sucker Punch supposedly sucks — remember, Chris Nolan is overseeing the movie, so Snyder is effectively working for Nolan on this pic. I’m not the world’s biggest Nolan fan, but between him and Snyder, I would imagine they’ll be able to make a pretty decent movie. (Via Hero Complex)