Somebody’s Got the Shadowruns

There is a shit-ton of actual news I probably should be reporting, but honestly, I can’t think of anything more important for you all to watch than this old, hilarious promo video for the RPG Shadowrun. It’s like the platonic ideal of 1990 nerdery encapsulated in four and a half minutes — beefy guy with huge gun, sexy girls with smaller guns but big hair, and one of the girls casting a spell with absolutely zero special effects — although that last one makes sense as they clearly blew their budget on creating the incredible computer world of the Matrix (that’s what Shadowrun called it, if I recall). But the best part is that the other big-haired girl is a cyberhacker, who enters the Matrix by 1) lugging her own PC keyboard around and 2) attaching an old VGA cord to her head. It’s all just divine. Kids, if this video and today’s list didn’t weren’t clear enough, the late ’80s and early ’90s fucking sucked. Infinite thanks to Nicholas R. for the tip.