The Blu-Ray of the Rings Has a Release Date


?That Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray megaset I mentioned a few weeks ago? It has a release date: June 28th, which seemed quick enough that I figured I’d better mention it. As you’ll note from the new pic, it contains 15 discs — although several of the extras discs are just DVDs. As a new Blu-ray owner, am I late to the game in thinking this is a massive gyp? If I bought Star Wars on DVD and they gave me a VHS of the special features, I’d be furious — same with Blu-ray. Either make the goddamned thing on Blu-ray or don’t. And don’t leave your special features in non-anamorphic widescreen, either.

Last but not least, I really feel like New Line dropped the ball in never releasing a “Precious Edition” of LotR. So obvious. (Via Geeks of Doom)