The Nerdiest Italian Rap Video You’ll See All Day

Note: I’m assuming this will be the nerdiest Italian rap video you’ll see all day. I mean, I don’t know how many Italian rap videos you watch in a given day. Any I can only guess at how nerdy this video actually is. Yes, it’s clearly Tron-inspired in visual content, so that’s pretty nerdy right there. More importantly, Topless Roboteer Joe P. says the lyrics drop dozens of nerdy and videogame references in Italian — I think I heard “Konami” mentioned at one point — so that makes it extra nerdy, I just can’t prove it. Either way, I think it’s still a pretty good song. So really, even if you have been watching or plan to watch a lot more Italian rap videos today, it’s probably worthwhile to check this one out. That’s all I’m saying.