The Spider-Man Musical’s Reign of Destruction Continues Unabated


?Did you think the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark‘s troubles were over just because they shitcanned director Julie Taymor, and picked up a new writer, choreographer and director? Oh no no no. This musical still thirsts… for blood. From EW:

Another day, another piece of bad news for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.
Producers announced today that actress T.V. Carpio, who plays the
enigmatic villainess Arachne, was sidelined from the show for two weeks
after an onstage injury during the March 16 performance. She has been
replaced by America Olivo. Carpio herself was a replacement for the
original actress playing Arachne, Natalie Mendoza, who withdrew from the show after sustaining a concussion in November. The nature of Carpio’s injury was not immediately known.

I can’t help but notice that’s two Arachnes down. Either Arachne has a song where the stage is filled with bear traps and she has to dance around, or the security guards aren’t checking the attendees very closely, and during the shoe-shopping song, enraged comics nerds are pulling out guns and opening fire. Frankly, either scenario makes sense to me at this point. (Via FilmDrunk)