TR Contest: Best/Worst Demonstration of Nerdiness at Work

Decorating your cubicle is a simple way to assert your individuality in the workplace. Placing various photos, collectibles and other flotsam and jetsam reflective of your life off the clock also allows you to get through your day-to-day slog to pay bills. Quoting favorite flicks to illustrate your feelings on workplace events is always fun too (I’m a personal fan of reciting MacReady’s “first goddamn week of winter” sigh from The Thing to myself whenever anything goes wrong during the workday). These types of things make doing your job more entertaining. Of course, as with everything in life, moderation is the key. Overload your work space with nerdy tchotchkes and you could set yourself for being a target for interoffice mockery. Then there’s the matter of pushing things entirely too far. Which brings us to this week’s contest. Since Rob is off today, I’ll be handling the judging and I think I’ve come up with a contest that lets you draw on your own work experiences — allowing me to revel in your personal triumphs and shames along the way.


Here’s what I’m looking for: True stories of how you demonstrated your nerdiness at work, for better or for worse. For best, I’m looking for tales of making AT-AT’s with office supplies, inspiring debates amongst drones and management about Lost, nerdcentric corporate retreats, etc. As for worst, did you ever make a geeky reference/quote in a business meeting that you intended to use to prove a point and wound up looking like a jackass? Ever get bitched at because you were discussing the intricacies of Big Trouble in Little China with coworkers when you should have been getting things filed? These types of anecdotes could just earn you a TR shirt.
If you wish, you can enter twice — once for best, once for worst. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, March 14th. I can’t wait to hear how your nerdiness has helped (and hindered) you at work!