Um, Why Did No One Tell Me About Trine 2?

Kotaku just ran this trailer for a game I’d never heard of called Trine 2. I was looking for a little videogame coverage for the day (yeah, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars comes out today, but there aren’t any really interesting videos to pair with it) so on a whim I checked it out. I’m glad I did, because this game (due at the end of summer on PS3, Xbox and PC) is gorgeous, and it’s also one of those ridiculously clever 2-D platform games like Braid and Limbo that I love. Now, I understand that the larger burden of responsibility for finding nerd news is on me, since I’m the one who gets paid — not much, but I do get paid — for running the damned site. But I am only one lazy, lazy man, and I can’t do it all on my own. Unless Trine 1 sucked ass and Trine 2‘s awesomeness has come out of nowhere, you guys really dropped the ball on this one. You better shape up, or… uh… I’ll continue to do a piss-poor job, I guess.