What Is Saddest About the Governator Comic?


?Entertainment Weekly revealed the exclusive news that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee have joined forces to create a comic and animated series called The Governator, about Arnold deciding to fight crime after leaving office. I honestly don’t know what the saddest part of this news is. Is it:

? That this is how Schwarzenegger decided to occupy his time now that he’s unemployed?
? Or that this might actually be Schwarzenegger’s best option?
? The absolute lack of creativity in the concept, as discussed here and shown in the “behind-the-scenes” art here?
? The continual, embarrassing decline of Stan Lee’s career?
? The fact that, even with the lowered expectations of a comic called The Governator about Schwarzenegger fighting crime, it still looks really shitty?
? Or is it that somehow this enormous pile of shit somehow merited a cover on Entertainment Weekly?

I’ll be back to collect your answers after I get done vomiting.