All Hail and Fear Chocolate Cthulhu!


? Fact: The Great Old Ones have frequent candy binges. That explains the existence of this somewhat adorable chocolate Cthulhu idol that you can now buy from Lovecraft fan and chocolate maker Jason McKittrick. Available in green or brown for $10, the handcrafted (and completely sinister) snack is 3 inches tall, 1 inch by inch wide — which, although diminutive when compared to the real thing, is still big enough to wreak some serious havoc in your Easter baskets this weekend. Conjuring up the calories has never seemed so deliciously nerdy before…even though one can only imagine the horrible revenge that old squid head here will exact upon those fearless enough to ingest him. Sure, he looks cool and all, but do you really want Cthulhu roaming around your bowels? Just seems foolhardy to me. (Via Boing Boing)