Autobots, Thrill Out

This is a video of animated Transformers doing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. Before you dismiss it entirely, let me admit that it’s one of the most obviously internet-y internet things the internet has ever created, and we’re all tired of dancing Transformers and “Thriller,” especially. However, I wouldn’t be showing it to you if there wasn’t at least something a little special about it — or several somethings:

? It’s actually animated pretty well
? There is inexplicably a Christmas tree in the Autobot HQ, which makes me laugh and laugh
? The Decepticon seekers show up as ghosts
? Shockwave’s cameo at the end
? And, most importantly, I need to know if you also felt incredibly angry that somehow Rodimus was the lead dancer and not Optimus. Is it just me? I don’t eve care about Transformers that much. Am I ill? Is something wrong with me? Thanks to MechaMonkey for the tip.