Baraka Is Single and Looking to Mingle


?Here’s the first photo of how Baraka will look in Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and I’m just gonna go right ahead and say it — he is one sexy MF. Look at that come hither stare, those piercing eyes (are they green? I want to say they are green), that form-fitting Urban Outfitters T-shirt, the mood lighting in his basement of ecstasy. Damn Baraka, you are making me feel all kinds of confused and tingly down in my nethers.

Um, sorry about that. Anyways, this picture totally cheats us out of seeing what his Tarkatan blades will look like in the series. I’m assuming they will turn up at some point unless the producers are totally copping out on the whole Kombat thing. At least he’s still not as goofy as Stryker. (Via ENI News)