DVD Day: April 19th, 2011


?? Mortal Kombat
What? The original movie coming out on Blu-ray today? What an incredible fucking coincidence. Oh, Annihilation also comes out on Blu-ray today too, but I figured no one gave a shit.

? Ip Man 2
I have no idea what the fuck this is. It sounds like a martial arts movie and the awesome Sammo Hung is in it, so I’m including it. If it’s some foreign art film, my apologies.

? American Dad Vol. 6
A lot of you guys say this show is hysterical, so I’m posting it for you guys. I continue to have my reservations.

? Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season One
26 episodes on four DVDs, thanks to Shout Factory (of course).

? Short Circuit 2
On Blu-ray. I’m really only listing this because I find it absolutely hilarious that the Short Circuit 2 Blu-ray is currently outselling the Gulliver’s Travels regular Blu-ray. Oh, and just a note to anyone ever — if Steve Guttenberg turns down a film, you should too.

? Tokyo Gore Police
On Blu-ray. Something tells me that TGP‘s special effects might look a little better on DVD than in the full sharpness of Blu-ray, but it’s your money.

? Goemon
The new movie from the guy who did the live-action Casshern movie, which was awesome for like 10 minutes and then godawful for 110 minutes. Anyone know if this is any better?