DVD Day: April 26th, 2011


?? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
On Blu-ray. Admittedly, this isn’t the nerdiest DVD, but it was directed by Terry Gilliam and holy shit is it a great movie.

? Human Planet
I can only assume it’s only nerds who are going to buy this documentary series.

? South Park: Complete 14th Season
I cannot fucking believe South Park has been on this long. I’m not upset or anything, I just can’t believe it.

? Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
You guys know I love the shit out of this cartoon — it does all the superheroes exactly right, it’s smartly written, there’s no forced drama, the bad guys are appropriately badass, and the Avengers even moreso. So I want to hold out for the full season one DVD set, or even the complete series set… and yet I want to support the series, so I kind of feel like I should buy these anyway, just on principle. What do you guys think?

? The Terror and Dementia 13
Two Roger Corman-produced cheapies on Blu-ray (although Coppola directed the latter).

? The Machine Girl
On Blu-ray. Note: I have seen this, Tokyo Gore Police and Robogeisha. The Machine Girl is infinitely superior. Just saying.

? Sin City
A Blu-ray set with the theatrical, recut, extended and unrated versions. I suppose this one is the one to own.

? A Wrinkle in Time
ABC Family made a Wrinkle in Time miniseries? When the hell did this happen? Oh well. If you missed it like I did, this is a 128-minute version that’s not perfect but apparently pretty good.

? Stan Lee’s Superhumans: Season One
The History Channel’s exploration of how many things one man will willingly put his name on in order to make a few bucks. Turns out it’s quite a lot.