Geek Apparel of the Week: Frakking Puppets and Centipede Swat Team

frakkin puppets.jpg

?? This shirt has been available for a while, but I’m posting it now because if you don’t know it exists, YOU NEED TO KNOW.  Statler and Waldorf as BSG‘s Adama and Tigh? That is a nerd culture mash-up I approve of 100%. The only way this shirt could be better is if they were drunk and slumped over on the floor together. It’s $20 at 604 Republic.


?? I know I’m heavy on the retro-gaming shirts, because that’s where my interests lie. So I try to be good most of the time. And then I see a shirt like this, with a totally badass illustration of a centipede from Centipede, and I instantly give in. It’s $30 at ‘80s Tees.