Nerd Girl PSA: Shiro and Geek Chic Cosmetics

As much as I try to keep TR friendly to all sets of genitalia-havers, just by the nature of nerdery, I end up catering more to the boys than the girls. It’s rare that I can balance a video of a topless video stripper with an article solely for the ladies, but I have that opportunity now, and I’m damned sure I’m going to take it.

eyeshadow effect.jpg

Topless Roboteer Jilliterate alerted me to two different online make-up stores that cater to nerd girls — Shiro Cosmetics on Etsy, who have a series of flavored lip colors called Intertubes, with colors like Rickrolled, Yo Dawg and Longcat. You can order them here for $6.50 a pop ($55 for all 10).

Then there’s also Geek Chic Cosmetics, which has a set of Mass Effect-inspired eye shadows called N7 (that’s it, above), a Zelda set called Hyrule, a Firefly set called Big Damn Heroes, and many more. They also have nerd-inspired lipsticks, blushes, foundations and more. Obviously, I don’t know much about make-up, but they all seem reasonably priced, and there’s a coupon to get a fifth eyeshadow free, and free shipping for orders over $30, and such.

I know these stores aren’t exactly timely news, but I figured there were at least some nerd girls reading TR who were unaware of their existence, and alerting nerds to cool shit is part of what Topless Robot does. And again, anytime I can balance the scales a little bit, I’m exceedingly happy to do so.