Nintendo Announces That They Will Announce Their New Console… Later



All right, let’s just get into it — Nintendo confirmed that they will unveil their new videogame console at this year’s E3, which is June 7th-9th. The console will reportedly come out in 2012, as opposed to Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles, which will arrive in 2014. Kotaku says they’ve heard that ” is rumored to be a powerful machine, boasting bigger and badder specifications than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3″ and “is also suspected of using a novel controller interface which marries a
traditional d-pad-and-buttons scheme with a large touch-screen input” but obviously, that’s a lot of “rumoreds” and “suspecteds.”

I know most of you guys think I’m a Nintendo hater, but I’m really not — although I’m not much of a Wii fan, admittedly. I will say this, though — no matter the specs, Nintendo’s going to have to do more than give me another Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda game to get me to consider buying this thing.