Oh Hai New Topless Robot Commenting System

boss icon.jpg

?Yes, it’s true! Topless Robot has boldly stepped into 2009 and implemented a new, awesome commenting system! This means…

? You can log in with your Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, OpenID or Disqus accounts!
? Have your own goddamned avatar!
? Reply to people’s comments — and to the right people’s comments — with incredibly improved accuracy!
? Actually edit your comments to an unknown extent, I actually haven’t checked that out much yet!
? Show people you like their comments by “liking” comments!
? “Like” the article in general, or show your dislike by clicking the ominous “thumbs down” icon!
? You can still stay as a guest and choose your own name for commenting if you don’t want to deal with this nonsense!

For the record, my commenting avatar (for the time being) is above, if you’re looking for me in the comments. If you guys see any problems or kinks with the new system, please please please email me at ToplessRobot (at) Gmail. And most importantly, I want to thank the Village Voice Media tech geniuses Eric VanBeek, Mike Uchtman and Todd Sternisha for making this massive, massive improvement possible. If you were thinking of thanking me, don’t. I’m just the dude who write dirty jokes about My Little Pony fan fic. Those guys are heroes of the hour.