Super Terrific Japanese Thing: JeanPants

Oh, folks. I was about half a minute away from posting this video of an awesome robotic exoskeleton made by some Okinawan students at some robotics institute. But then… then these came into my life:


?JeanPants. Now, don’t let the name confuse you, because they are not pants — and neither are they jean shorts, actually. They are jean underpants. Jean underwear. Jeanderwear. Seriously, you’re looking at a pair of denim underwear — because apparently the denim look is all the rage in Japan this season, which means true fashionistas will have on jeanderwear underneath their actual jeans. That’s amazing. What’s more amazing? They’re available here for a mere $61. You’d best order your pair now before Tobias Funke and the other “never-nudes” get them all.