Thank Goodness It’s Ravenclaw

I actually don’t have any ill will towards “Friday” singer Rebecca Black. She didn’t write the song. She didn’t autotune the shit out of it. She only got the chance to do the video as some kind of  birthday present. So really, it’s not her fault it became an insane internet sensation. That said, this young Harry Potter fan has made her own parody of “Friday” about Ravenclaw, the nerdiest of all the Harry Potter houses, and she just owns the shit out of Black. Seriosuly, she’s got an excellent voice that doesn’t need a speck of autotune, and she’s written a song that’s infinitely more clever than the original (although that admittedly isn’t saying much). And she made it all herself, apparently in about 11 hours. If anyone knows who this girl is, high-five her for me, please. (Via The Mary Sue)