TR Contest: Best/Worst Cosplay Experience

Cosplay 2.jpg

?For better or worse I’ve recently been preoccupied with David Lynch’s movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The height of my obsession coincided with baseball’s opening day, during which I had several folks ask me why I wasn’t “supporting the team” by wearing a jersey or T-shirt featuring my local team’s logo. (Short answer, I’m not into sports). However. had I gone out in public that day wearing a Still suit however, these same people would have looked at me like I was a lunatic even though the outfit would be just as much of a reflection of how important Dune was to me at the time as their jerseys represented their joy over the start of another baseball season.That sloppy, not even remotely articulate comparison Cosplay is the red-headed stepchild of fandom. By dressing up as your favorite sci-fi/cartoon/movie/TV/book/whatever character, so are often setting yourself up for ridicule by your unenlightened peers. So this week’s contest is going to be cosplay based. Specifically, I want to know your best and/or worst cosplay experiences.

For best, I’m looking for tales of triumph and general coolness. I’m not talking about an situation where a costume got you laid (though, improbable as it may seem feel free to discuss it — just keep it SFW and without graphic details please), but rather a situation where going through the effort of dressing up was rewarding. Did you win a contest against a scheming rival? Did you dress up like Rusty Venture only to have Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer give you a high five? Or did the pretty otaku girl you’ve been lusting after smile when she saw how form-fitting your Pikachu costume was. Um, okay, that last one is a bit weird, but hopefully you see what I’m getting at.

For worst, I’m talking tales of broken costumes, beatings received, ridicule, hate, spite, etc. The more unpleasant the better. Turn your pain into treasure and win a Topless Robot T-shirt!
You can enter twice, once for best and once for worst. And if you have no cosplay stories of your own, great secondhand tales will also be considered. Links to pictures are also encouraged, but again, let’s keep things safe for work. There’s no need to be overly lengthy either, so I’m putting a 500 word maximum on the contest.

The contest ends at 12:01am on Monday, April 18th. Good luck folks!