TR Contest Special: Worst Nerd Shirt Ever


?Geek and gamer apparel site Split Reason has been kind enough to sponsor this weekend’s TR contest! They’re offering three t-shirts from their store, and unlike previous contests, the winners gets to pick whichever ones they want (FYI, they have that awesome Winners Don’t Use Drugs shirt I posted a couple week’s ago. Just sayin’).

So this week’s contest? Think of the most awful, shameless nerd shirt possible. One where you see it on someone and even you, as a nerd yourself, would want to beat the hell out of that nerd because of the insult he’s doing to all nerd-kind. I’m mostly looking for a text description, but if I’m not going to lie, if you send me a mock-up pic of your shirt idea, it might net you extra points. And if your shirt idea is a mash-up, like 90% of nerd shirts are, you’ll probably get extra points for that, too.

Now, there are two catches: 1) It must be something that someone would conceivably wear in public, so no shirts depicting scenes from FFFs or anything, and 2) THEY MUST BE NERDY. Please don’t forget that. Two entries per person. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, April 4th, 2011. Thanks very much to Split Reason for sponsoring the contest. Have a good veekend, folks!