TR Contest: Ultimate Nerd Wedding


?Thanks to today’s fan fiction and all media coverage around the world, I’ve kind of had weddings on the brain today. So I figure I might as well go with it.

This weekend’s contest, should you bother to enter: Dream up the most awesome nerd wedding you can think of. Cost is not an issue, but reality is — i.e., you can’t get Darth Vader to attend, but you can hire a dude in a Darth Vader costume. But more points will be given for cleverness than spectacle, so don’t think hiring the cast of Firefly to put on your self-insert-with-new-spouse fan fiction is necessarily enough to win.

Side note: As I’ve told you guys, Ms. Robot isn’t much of a nerd, so my wedding was a pretty normal affair. I wanted to have someone play the Kill Bill horn riff — that one that plays the first time Uma Thurman sees someone she needs to kill — the moment she arrived at the aisle, but she declined to allow it. As many times as she’s wanted to kill me these past six years, I imagine she might choose differently now.

Anyways, that’s it. One entry per person. I know this contest theme invites a lot of description, but try to keep it to 250 words, please. Contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 2nd. You guys have a good weekend. And, of course, my best wishes to the new Princess Catherine and Duke of Ireland.