TR Review: Nonplayer #1


?Okay, this isn’t really a review, but of all things I shouldn’t review comics is #2 (after music). But I happened to get a copy of this comic called Nonplayer, from Image, and I seriously think you guys ought to check it out. First of all, it’s beautiful. I don’t say that lightly. Even single panel in beautifully composed, drawn, and colored. It’s so good-looking that it is totally ridiculous that it is being made by one dude, and it’s his first professional comic.

The story is about one of those MMORPGs of the future, where things go awry in-game with real world consequences… it may be a concept you’ve heard a few times before (certainly, if you’re an anime fan you have) but I promise it’s still work a look. First, because the game of the world looks like something you’d actually want to play, thanks mostly to Simpson’s amazing visual imagination — the land and the creatures and the items look truly unique. And although I described the plot pretty simply, it’s definitely not that simple — there’s other mysteries in the first issue alone that indicate it’s not as simple as the NPCs gaining sentience (although that’s part of it).
So… yeah. Nonplayer is in comic stores today, apparently, and you can head here for more information. There’s also an online preview of the first few pages here, if you want to verify my “review.” Seriously, I think you should give it a shot.