A Moment of Topless Robot Self-Abuse


?Dear haters:

I would like to take a minute to justify your hate. Last week I posted that the Racist Twins were seen on the Transformers 3 set, and lambasted Michael Bay for lying that very day to TF3 fans on his website. The problem was that while Michael Bay had indeed said that the Twins were not in TF3 on May 12th, 2011, the article I referred to saying the the Twins had been seen on set was from May 10th… 2010. I fucked up. Shockingly, the article got a decent amount of traction on the nerdernet before someone noticed the date discrepancy, but the end result is that I looked a bit of a moron.

So I’m not trying to toot my own horn when I saw the hubbub TR caused may have indirectly caused Michael Bay to offer a reward of $25,000 to anyone who sees the Racist Twins in Transformers 3. Although Michael Bay is a proven liar regarding the content of his films — again, he consistently denied that Megatron was in TF2 for no apparent reason — for him to actually put up money suggests to me that the Twins were cut sometime between being seen on set last year and now. Furthermore, Paramount themselves have sworn to Yahoo that the Twins aren’t in the film, and I’m pretty sure a massive company wouldn’t lie about such a thing. So I think we can safely assume the Racist Twins are not in Transformers 3. While my eventual FAQ might suffer for lack of material, this is probably for the best.

In summary, my apologies. I fuck shit up a lot, but I try not to fuck things up that bad. I don’t mind my opinion being wrong when it’s based on whatever facts I have, but obviously, getting the facts wrong is… well, wrong. So again, my apologies. Still, a few final thoughts:

? If the TR article did manage to cause enough consternation on the internet that Michael Bay felt he had to offer the reward, I don’t apologize to him. Because that’s fucking awesome. Also, I saw TF2, so at worst we’re even.
? I think the fact that Paramount itself had to go out of its way to assure Yahoo that the Twins were not in TF3 is definitive proof that the Twins were awful and racist and horrible. If they were as innocuous as various people claim they are, neither Bay nor Paramount would have bothered.
? On Michael Bay’s website, there are a couple of people claiming that not having the Twins in TF3 would be a continuity error. That’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.