DC and Warner Bros., It Is Officially Time to Get Your @#$% Together


?In recent interviews, Marvel Films co-chief Kevin Feige has discussed the possibility of a stand-alone Hawkeye and/or Black Widow movies. He also has mentioned Dr. Strange and Black Panther as two of the Marvel characters who are next in line to get a movie, as well as a solo outing for the pretty much established Nick Fury. And, of course, Ant-Man is still pretty high on the list too, since Edgar Wright is still attached to direct. And all of this is in addition to Captain America 2, Thor 2, The Avengers 2, maybe another Hulk movie, and then whatever Marvel movies other studios are doing, like the new Spider-Man and X-Men and reboots of Fantastic Four and Daredevil.

Now, none of these have been officially announced yet, but Feige says he’ll be announcing something at the end of the summer. So this isn’t news as much as speculation. I am running it to make the following statement: If Marvel Films makes either an Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow or Dr. Strange movie before DC and Warner Bros. makes at least a Wonder Woman or Justice League movie, everyone at DC/WB should just kill themselves out of shame. That is all. (Via /Film)