DVD Day: May 17th, 2011

NOTE: DVD Day is kind of weak today, so you might want to consider blowing your cash on Rockstar’s L.A. Noire videogame instead, which also comes out today and is, by all account, totally awesome. I certainly would if I had any money.

? Thor: Tales of Asgard
A.k.a. The Adventures of Jim Henson’s Thor Babies. It’s worth noting that the cover features grown-up Thor wearing Lil’ Thor’s red vest, because even Marvel knows no one wants to see Lil’ Thor.

? The Bionic Woman Season 2

? Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job Season 5

? The Five Deadly Venoms
On Blu-ray. I wonder how many copies the Wu-Tang Clan bought. At least three digits worth, don’t you think?

? Excel Saga: Complete Series
Once upon a time, I found this anime series hilarious, but it quickly got kind of irritating. However, I mention it because I do a voice somewhere in episode 14 or 15, I think, making it an essential purchase for all fans of Rob Bricken. You know who you are, you sad sons of bitches.

? Project A-ko
Meanwhile, Project A-ko remains one of my favorite anime movies ever. An action-packed, comedy classic from the late ’80s, back when super-powered schoolgirls fighting giant robots wasn’t the most overused anime clich? ever. I’m not going to pretend it’s for everybody, but if you’re into anime and don’t know about this movie, I highly recommend you check it out.