Holy @#$%, It’s a Bayformer That Is Distinguishable from the Other Bayformers

There’s a new Transformers 3 TV spot, full of footage we’ve already seen, except at about 15 seconds, where a very red Transformer shows up and brandishes his claws or something. Now, I have no idea who the hell this is, or who it’s supposed to be — a bunch of people in the Seibertron comments were saying “Holy shit, Mirage!” so I guess it’s him — but given the fact the very, very red, I could immediately tell 1) it was his first appearance in the promo footage, 2) that he’s different from other Bayformers, and 3) that I’ll probably be able to recognize him again amidst the swirling metallic messes that are all the other Transformers in this film. Well done, Michael Bay! It’s taken three movies, but you’ve finally made a Transformer I’ll be able to recognize that doesn’t have buck teeth or testicles! Bully for you!