In the Dark Future of Modern Warfare 3, All “E’s” Will B3 R3plac3d by “3’s”

There’s a new trailer for Modern Warfare 3, the newest games in the mega-popular Call of Duty series. It looks good, which isn’t any real surprise. It’s about World War III and is set in various major cities throughout the world, so if you want to kill virtually people in Paris, you’re in luck. My question is this: Should I be covering all these present-set FPS games? I feel like I should, as a major nerd news blog (that is, a blog of major nerd news, not a major blog in any sense) and because the games are super-popular. But unless there’s some sci-fi take or Sarah Michelle Gellar shows up to kill zombies, they’re all are pretty indistinguishable to me, personally. So should I try to cover ’em more, or at least show off the new trailers when they come out? Should I not bother? Or is one trailer just the right amount, and now I can stop worrying about it? Please let me know, thanks.