It’s Almost Like the Green Lantern Movie People Know What They’re Doing

But that’s impossible, right? I mean this is DC and Warner Bros. we’re talking about here, so there’s no way they could possibly have their shit together. Except… remember the first Green Lantern trailer which was all Ryan Reynolds cracking wise in a very Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man way? And then the second awesome trailer, which shows Hal seeing Abin Sur crash, getting the ring, saying the oath, and getting shot off to Oa? Well, here’s the all-new trailer #3:

It’s all Green Lantern Corps. Hal doesn’t even show up until 1:30 or so. It’s like DC/WB planned this — first, let mass audiences get comfortable with this non-top-tier superhero by making it look like the already popular Iron Man. Then, in a few months, show off a new trailer that shows more what Green Lantern is all about. And now that mass audiences kind of get it and know what the deal is, you can show them the whole goddamn Green Lantern universe — which immediately shows Green Lantern‘s strengths, what makes it different from other superhero films, and has the added benefit of letting mass audiences hit the ground running when they actually see the movie. This trailer does as good a job of explaining the premise of Green Lantern as any comic I’ve ever read, and it does it in a bit over two minutes. I think they’ve gotten non-nerds as ready and interested in seeing GL as is humanly possible, and they appear to made a planned, concerted effort to do so. I’m genuinely impressed, people. Why aren’t those people in charge of the Justice League and Wonder Woman movies?