Lunchbox de Los Dangerous!


?Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth just announced their SDCC-exclusive Venture Bros. toys — specifically, a two-pack of their retro-styled figures of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and young Rusty for $45. Now, I know some of you don’t care for the Mego-style figures, but I still think they’re perfect for Venture Bros. toys. We can agree to disagree, though, because this two-pack comes in a replica of Rusty’s “Rusty Venture” lunchbox from the episode “Escape from the House of Mummies Part II”! Guys, I would have paid $45 for the lunchbox alone; the fact that two figures come inside it is just sweet, delicious gravy to me. If you’re not going to SDCC, you can still pre-order the set here; you’ll just have to wait until November to get it. (Via Geek Girl Diva)