Michaelangelo Is a Party Dude (With a Genuinely Evil Taste in Pizzas)

A group of brave souls decided to try every pizza mentioned by the Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles in the original cartoon and record the results. This is noteworthy for several reasons: 1) there were a lot of pizzas mentioned in the cartoon’s lengthy run, and 2) almost all of them were totally fucking disgusting. Seriously, there’s a pizza with chocolate sprinkles and clam juice, and it isn’t even on the top three most fucked up sets of toppings mentioned in TMNT — and the video is like 10 minutes long. That’s a lot of insanely awful pizzas.

So I salute these guys for their willingness to try anything, their thoroughness in making every single goddamn pizza, and most of all, the fact that no one vomited. Well done, you crazy kids. (Via Blastr)