Now You’re Playing with Nudity

Don’t worry, there’s not actually a “nude gaming party” craze sweeping the nerdy hedonists of New York City. This is just a clever viral ad for the XtendPlay, a kind of attachment to Xbox and PS controllers that supposedly make them more comfortable. At least, I’m reasonably sure it’s just a viral ad. And I certainly hope it is. I once did a bit of nude gaming — I took a quick break from Final Fantasy X to take a shower, thought of something I needed to check, went back to the game and then kind of got sucked in before I put clothes on — but once I realized what I was doing, I was filled with shame. And that was me, by myself, in my apartment. Of course, I was also sitting in a bean bag chair, too, which didn’t help matters regarding my dignity either. It’s hard to not be ashamed of yourself when you stand up with a Dual Shock in your hand and a bean bag chair glued to your ass. Thanks to Sebastian for the tip. (Via Gothamist)