Professor X: Still a Dick

In news that should surprise no one, Fox has released yet another new clip of X-Men: First Class, and, because it has Professor X in it, it necessarily features Professor X being a total asshole. So let me get this straight — Xavier goes ahead and reads Hank McCoy’s mind, discovers he’s a mutant, and somehow doesn’t realize Hank hasn’t told his secret to Oliver Platt, or doesn’t check in Platt’s mind to see if he knows or not? Of course not. Xavier is outing Beast on purpose, because he can, and because he’s an enormous dickhole.

At least Hank can take some consolation in the fact that Mystique is ready to jump his bones once he starts hanging by his toes. I guess Mystique has heard of the saying about men with big feet… although I don’t know how that changes when a man can hold onto a bar with those feet. Admittedly, I don’t know how most ladies would feel if they met a guy who could pick up a coke can with their penis, but obviously Mystique is intrigued by the idea. (Via Filmdrunk)