R.I.P. Wonder Woman TV Series, 2011-2011

ap_as_ww boots.jpg

?NBC passed on the Wonder Woman series from David Kelley. It’s probably for the best. Between the outfit drama and the fact she was playing three characters (Wonder Woman, CEO Diana Prince and, somehow, her own secretary) and that she had an extended scene bemoaning the fact that her action figure’s tits were too big, it probably would have caused us all more emotional harm than good. Still, though, now that the danger has passed — I can’t imagine that another network will decide to pick it up, because few networks could afford the show and fewer are that desperate — I really want to see it, just to know. I imagine someone who worked on it will put it on the interwebosphere in the near future, or at least I hope so. Anyways, if it’s any consolation to you Wonder Woman lovers out there, apparently she’ll be on Batman: Brave and the Bold  on May 27th tonight, where at the very least she’ll have the right colored boots on.