Steven Spielberg’s Other Sci-Fi TV Show Makes No Damn Sense

You guys know that Steven Spielberg is producing Dark Skies, the TNT show about what happens when you remake The Walking Dead with an inferior cast and replace the zombies with aliens. But did you also know he’s producing another sci-fi show for Fox called Terra Nova? And did you know it makes no goddamn sense at all?

Apparently, in the future living on Earth sucks so bad — pollution, environment, most Little Rosey cartoons, etc. — that humanity has to escape to Earth. They call it Terra Nova, but it’s clearly Earth, because it has dinosaurs. Now, they also clearly saying they’re going to “the past,” which means all humanity has done is trading wrecking the environment for wrecking the timeline. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Although I guess the other alternative is that Terra Nova is pulling a BSG finale on us and these guys are actually humans from another planet who colonize Earth… at the time of the dinosaurs. Okay, that’s even stupider. Never mind. (Via You Bent My Wookiee)