Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Kiss Transporter

For the record ,”Kiss Transporter” isn’t the actual name of this Japanese invention, which supposedly allows one person to “kiss” one device and have the other device replicate the “kiss” allowing two people in two separate locations to “kiss” — it doesn’t appear to have a name yet, so I made one up. If you’ve noticed that I keep putting the word “kiss” in quotations marks, it’s because I have the tiniest of doubts that the device actually works. Oh, I don’t doubt the machines can wirelessly relay information to each other, of course; I mean that I don’t believe that this thing is even close to an actual kiss. Unless, I suppose, your partner has a small, bent plastic tube for a tongue, and no lips or teeth. In which case kissing this device is still probably far less creepy than the real thing. (Via TokyoMango)