Supernatural, with Special Guest Stars H.P. Lovecraft and @#$%ty Nerd Jokes

First I was just going to run this promo for this season’s Supernatural finale (on this Friday night) because it was the Supernatural finale and I don’t often cover the show. Then I saw that H.P. Lovecraft was going to guest-star, and I thought that was cool and made it extra relevant for Topless Robot. But now, having watched the whole promo, I’m running it because I’m so infuriated at the “joke” that Dean was too busy getting laid to read H.P. Lovecraft, and to think otherwise is absurd.

First of all, I occasionally do the “nerds don’t have sex” joke, but only to be obnoxious, because I am obnoxious and it’s an obnoxious joke. And it’s clearly not true; plenty of people in relationships — many with kids, which I’m told are made from people having sex — comment on TR. I mean, for fuck’s sake, a movie about comic book Thor has been tops at the box office for two straight weeks. Would you say that everyone who saw Thor was a nerd who couldn’t get laid? No, because that would be wrong and make you look like an idiot.

And most annoyingly, H.P. Lovecraft is a fucking horror writer. To say that only nerds read H.P. Lovecraft is like saying that only nerds read Stephen King, which is bullshit. My mom reads Stephen King. Admittedly, my mom doesn’t read H.P. Lovecraft, but it’s not because she thinks it’s “nerdy” — it’s just not in the popular purview anymore.

Point is, this joke is not just shitty and stupid, it’s also grossly inaccurate — and a bizarrely cheap shot, since nerds make up a pretty decent chunk of Supernatural‘s audience, if I’m correct. Either way, I still thought Supernatural was above this shit. I’m kind of sad to be wrong. (Via io9)