Welcome to Battleblock Theater

I’m several months behind on this, so if you’ve already watched this trailer for the new game from The Behemoth (makers of Castle Crashers, amongst other games), my apologies. But the last time I saw this game, back in 2009, it didn’t have a name, and I called it madness; now it’s called Battleblock Theater, although it still looks just as insane. The official synopsis:

Take a peek into the world of BattleBlock Theater. Having shipwrecked on
a mysterious island you find yourself both betrayed by your best friend
Hatty and captured by the locals. All of this is happening while being
forced into deadly performances. This however, is just the start of your

Any co-op game where you can dick over your partner is guaranteed to be at least somewhat entertaining, and it looks like there’s dozens of ways to fuck with your partner in this. Having the guys behind Castle Crashers put their considerable skills into such a game… well, it gets me kind of tingly. Thanks to Executor Elassus for the tip.