What the @#$% Is Going On with the Lizard

Sony is busy filming the Spider-Man reboot, of course, and I think most of us are on the same page when I sawywe’re tentatively looking forward to it, at least more than when it was originally announced. However, a new picture has surfaced that makes me wonder if Rhys Ifan’s portrayal of Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard is really being handled the right way — it appears his first experiment to regrow his missing arm gives him… well… a Kermit hand.


?I kid, I kid! It’s obviously a green-screen thing so that CG animators can easily replace it with a lizard-y arm later, and some fun-loving prankster simply put Kermit eyes on it. So wacky and/or zany! No need to panic. Although I must say, if the movie does end up making the Lizard just a crazy dude with a Kermit puppet on his hand, I think I’d probably be fine with it. (Via The Mary Sue)