Wonder Woman’s Wonderously Short Shorts Revealed

Remember how Wonder Woman was supposed to wear three different superheroine outfits in the failed Wonder Woman pilot? Blue pants with blue boots, blue pants with red boots, and Lynda Carter-esque star-spangled shorts? Well, now the shorts can be revealed:


?Now, call me crazy, but I think there’s a fine line between shorts and underpants, and these things are firmly on the side of underpants. I’m not complaining, really, I just can’t in good conscious call them shorts. Also, while it’s nice to see Adrianne Palicki in WW’s classic togs, I can’t help but feel she looks like she’s wearing a Halloween costume here — I know some of you felt the same way about the original outfit, but that, to me, seemed to work out better. Wonder Woman has a goofy, muddled concept behind her, and by all indications the TV show would have been goofy in several new ways. I think Wonder Woman needs all the help she get in order to be taken seriously, at least in live-action, and I feel pants go a long way towards that. Much, much thanks to Izandra for the tip. (Via Wonder Woman TV)