E3 Trifecta: Skyrim, Street Fighter x Tekken, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

? I still have no basis to talk about anything related to the Elder Scrolls games in general or Skyrim in particular, so here, without ado, is a video of 13 minutes of gameplay (after a little G4 intro bit). I assume many of you will enjoy immensely.

? I will refrain from my normal jabs at Tekken here, but I will point out that Street Fighter x Tekken, the one that utilizes SF gameplay, is currently being shown at E3 to a great deal of consumer and press interest, while Tekken x Street Fighter, the one that uses Tekken gameplay, is still nowhere to be seen. I feel this might be indicative of something, but I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions.

? So Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is about Umbrella mercenaries coming in and killing R.P.D. members? Huh. I can’t decide if the zombies are laughing their asses off or if they’re pissed that Umbrella is effectively fucking with their food. “Goddammit, woman! I was going to eat that! Him! Whatever, just stop shooting my fucking lunch, all right?”