Fright Night, Now with 100% More David Tennant

I didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards last night for the same reason I don’t pound nails into my penis —  even I don’t hate myself that much. But a new Fright Night trailer debuted, this time with actual footage of David Tennant as mindfreaking magician Peter Vincent, and holy shit is he awesome. I don’t say that as one of Tennant’s legion of fanboys and fangirls — although, speaking of, having a shirtless, eyeliner-wearing Tennant is probably going to guarantee a certain percentage of ticket sales — but even in these few clips, he’s just massively entertaining. The rumor mill says that some Hollywood exec wants Tennant to be the main focus of Fright Night 2. I’d have been fine with that in theory anyways, but now I’m ready to pre-order my ticket.