Geek Apparel of the Week: Blue Sun, Rebel Lighthouse and Marvel Vs. Capcom


?? Of all the Firefly shirts made, has there never really been a Blue Sun one? Apparently, not, which makes QMx the first. This is the shirt Jayne wears in “Bushwhacked,” although he’s ripped the sleeves off Mac/Superboy style; alas, you’ll have to rip them off yourself, as the shirt comes as shown. It’s $20 at QMx Online, and there’s a ladies’ version in navy that I actually like more than the brown one.

r2lighthouse shirt_girls_01.jpg

?? Just a reasonably subtle, stylish Star Wars tee; you know how I like those. It’s $20 at Threadless.


?? This is obviously not a subtle nerd t-shirt, but there’s something to be said for having a shit-ton of Marvel and Capcom characters glaring at each other. Sometimes quantity is better than quality, you know? It’s $17 at Entertainment Earth.