Geek Apparel of the Week: Hodor, Inconceivable and Experience Bij

motherfucking hodor.png

?? HBO has a lot of great new Game of Thrones t-shirts up, but this might be my favorite. I don’t personally want it, I’m just thrilled a goddamned Hodor shirt exists. It’s $25 at HBO.


?? I was about to list this Fezzik/Brute shirt, but then I realized 1) it has the Princess Bride logo up top, kind of ruining the “Obey” motif, and 2) if I ran this Vizzini/Inconceivable shirt instead, I had a “Things You Can Yell at Nerds” apparel trifecta. It’s $22 at ‘80s Tees.


?? You! The one who is talking! I know I ran a We Love Fine Star Trek t-shirt last week, but come on. I’m not made of stone. It’s $25 at We Love Fine.