Harley Quinn Joins the Suicide Sluts — Er, Squad

Today in Crisis on Infinite Reboots!

? Jaime Reyes is back as the Blue Beetle! That’s cool with me. Much like Kyle Rayner, I always found Reyes to be an infinitely more interesting character than his Silver Age counterpart. I know there are a few vocal Ted Kord fans, but to me, that’s like being a vocal fan of white bread. Just… why?

? Martian Manhunter is joining Authority. Well, Stormwatch, but along with Apollo and Midnighter. This strikes me as extremely weird. But the big news is…


?? Harley Quinn is joining Suicide Squad, and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS SHE WEARING. Really, DC? I was down with sexy nurse Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Asylum, just as a lark, because I knew she was still dressing respectably in the comics. Now she’s ready to take a ride on the goddamned Bang Bus. I understand the incongruity of bitching about Harley’s new (lack of) clothes on a day when she’s on the “Sexiest Nerd Costumes for Girls” list, but one of the things that makes Harley so cool is that’s she’s sexy without dressing like a whore. Look at the rest of the outfits on the list; there’s obviously plenty of nerd costumes that bare flesh already. I’m not saying those are wrong, I’m just saying we really didn’t need to force Harley to slut herself up, too. Sigh.