My Little @#$% $%*& Stack

Well, I’m off to see Transformers 3. The FAQ should be up around noon EST tomorrow, assuming I don’t suffer a brain aneurysm in the theater. Since I’m about to see a movie that many people hate on principle, without even seeing it, and other people vociferously defend, also on principle, it made sense to end the day with a video that inspires similar feelings, namely, yet another My Little Pony vid. This time, Pinkie and Fluttershy do their best rendition of Reggie Watts’ incredibly profane song “Fuck Shit Stack.” It’s pretty great.

Now, I want to say something — I’m actually one of those people who have seen maybe one episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (my pal Justin Aclin said the name for people like me should be “Broseurs,” which I demand be added immediately to the lexicon). So I’m honestly not trying to ram the show down anyone’s throats. But if your hate for My Little Pony is so great that you can’t find the joy in adorable cartoon ponies uttering horrible profanity or performing Wu-Tang songs, I honestly feel sorry for you.