NECA Opens the Valve


?Specifically, NECA is opening the Valve valve — the toy company has snagged the rights to the company’s game properties, which is important because FUCKING PORTAL FIGURES. I know some of you are excited to finally have the chance to own a Gordon Freeman from Half-Life figure, and I don’t begrudge it of you, and surely there’s a bunch of you wetting your britches at the idea of Team Fortress 2 figs. But for me, it’s all Portal and Portal 2, please. NECA has no details about what they’re making or when they’ll be released, so I’ll save them the trouble — I need a Chell with Wheatley and a Companion Cube, a two-pack of the Atlas and P-body bots, and a large GlaDOS figure/set with a bunch of turrets. With sound chips. Oh, and then a Gordon Freeman and a TF2 Heavy for the other guys. Got it? Great. Glad that’s settled and totally official now. (Via Poe Ghostal)